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I am co-founder of Silver Status Global and have been doing web design for over 10 years for my friends, family, and personal businesses. As an artist I have designed, redesigned, and updated my photography website keeping it fresh and relevant. Having developed my own skills over the years and with some great partnerships, Silver Stratus has a full web design suite at its disposal. Having spoken with many businesses that have no idea where to start nor any extra bandwidth to get started we are here to help. Silver Stratus wants your website and online presence to be an asset. Helping you redesign or start from scratch, we are committed to getting you a relevant, fresh and modernized website.

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About Us

Silver Stratus Global was founded by Eric Szopa, who has worked in the Enterprise IT field for over 25 years and has helped many Global corporations streamline and optimize their IT infrastructure and business systems, with a goal of bringing this expertise and knowledge to your business.

Our team at Silver Stratus Global believe in the power of technology and we have worked hard to assemble a worldwide team of IT Professionals to bring global expertise to your business.

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